Saturday, July 15, 2006

Random Fun

Char and I went camping a while ago south of green canyon. It was fun. Pictured is Char cooking on a fire for the first time. She did a very good job on that pancake. Hopefully we can get more adventurous but for now it is a good start.

Ashlyn was recently baptized. We went down to Boise for the event. It was great. Marc was able to baptize her and I confirmed her. I just hope that she realized the significance of the event.

It was a good trip. I was able to see everyone there: Marc and his family, Grandma and Bob, Mom and Rich, and Mike and Debbie Field.

Here is a candid photo Char took of the women standing around talking at the pavilion after the baptism. I thought that it was fun.

This is Morgan, my niece, and I. I thought this photo was too adorable to not post.