Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mabey I am in over my head

Well, I am doing it again. I have bitten off more than I can chew. Up to last Friday I was working as a construction foreman. That job was very challenging to me, and I was just starting to get into a groove with it. Charlotte is expecting a baby and we were preparing for that. But Friday I got a call from the College of Massage Therapy. I worked for them in the winter teaching their pathology class. Now though, they want me to teach their Anat and Phys class. They were firing the current teacher that day and want me to take over for him on Monday.

I spoke with my boss at Watertight exteriors and he is ok with me doing this again in addition to running a crew for him. So on Monday the rat race begins again. I am getting nervous about it because it will be a lot of work, which means stress for me. It is one of those challenges that could go either way. Either I work really hard, do really well and am the better for it; or I totally bomb everything and the shit hits the fan. I don't see much of a happy medium.

My wife and I have sat down and come up with a tentative plan that I can do everything including having time for each other and time for me to exercise. We will have to see what I am made of to pull this off. If anything it will help me when I get into graduate school. I will welcome any help that I can get there.