Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fisherman's Tale

My internship is now over and we are back in Pocatello. I had a great time at Logan Regional Hospital. Now that I am at school I thought I should provide a report to my readers about my fishing escapades. There was not a lot of time for fishing so I maximized the time available. Total it was two full days of anticipation for the big catch of a tiger.

On the first I came to the lake early in the morning, mostly scouting it out. I was casting just to see what would follow my lure in. On my 5th cast I saw something that really confused me. Was it a log, some weeds, a cloud of muddy water, what was it? Then when it came closer to shore my brain finally was able to recognize it. It was a huge tiger following my lure in. In this moment of excitement I quickly sprang into action. Unfortunately, the time to prepare was past. First I began to adjust my drag-I only had 10 lbs test line. But wait... my drag was broken. Why was this happening just then, when the moment was upon me? I could still see the beast in the water swimming away. By the time I ran up to the car switched to Sam's reel and came back it was gone. I casted and casted with no sign of my newly formed friend. I did learn that I need practice casting a bait caster type reel.

Rejected I came back home and started to prepare for the next time I would go back. I got new line, steel leader, new lures, and some worms just in case. I fixed my old reel and went back. The second time, there was no sign of the tiger, but I did catch a lot of bass. I failed to catch what I came for. The next time I will probably need a boat and will start earlier in the morning.