Wednesday, March 21, 2007


So we just got back from spring break. I had a great time. Boise was great, I spent time with my family and was able to help my Mom out. I realize that I like working and sitting around is boring so it is good that Mom and Char's family always has little jobs for me to do when I come. If you want more information about that refer to Char's blog.

While in Newton I learned some very exciting news. The Newton Reservoir is home to Tiger Muskie.
It is my intention to catch one this summer. The tiger muskie is a hybrid of the northern Pike and the Muskellunge. This parentage gives the Tiger unique characteristics. First it is sterile, it grows quickly adopting its size from its muskellunge heritage. Plus it is a really aggressive like the northern pike. It is stocked in lakes to help bring down the trash fish populations. Supposedly it doesn't eat trout and other game fish but mainly the pan fish, suckers, and carp.
In preparation of this I have been figuring out what I need to catch one of these beasts. I have the fishing gear, I think, but I don't have a boat. Char's dad has an old boat that belonged to his father that has been in storage for 10 years and I am looking into fixing it up. But if that is too much for me I found some plans on the Internet for making a canoe from scratch. I still haven't decided the details but I am exploring options of how I can accomplish this adventure on a tight budget.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Who does Sam look like?

There has been a lot of debate as to which of us, Charlotte or I, Sam looks the most like. We have heard equally for either of us. The problem of comparing Sam to us now is that Charlotte and I do have simular features.

To resolve this once and for all we must look at the baby pictures. I will let everyone decide for themselves.

Below is Charlotte on the top left, Sam in the top right, and me on the bottom left.

The one of me is a bit older than the others but it is all I have. Here are some more pictures of Sam to help you in your decision.

This outfit Chad and Lyndsie Feild gave to us for Christmas. Charlotte and I were actually having a photo contest between the two of us. I think that I won with the above picture.