Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Trip to Boise

The other weekend we went down to visit Mom to help her with her bathroom. When it is done I will post pictures for you all to see. We only had time to make a good start over the Martin Luther King Holiday thought. It was Sam's first trip to Boise. He travels very well, luckly. He loves sleeping in the car. It is only when we stop driving for our potty breaks that he wakes up. Hope fully we can get back soon so he can meet everyone. Grandma was sick so he didn't get to meet her and Bob, maybe next time.

While Rich and I worked on the bathroom it was Mom and Char's job to keep the girls busy. Her ethey are making cookies.

The girls also had plenty of time to spend with their new cousin. Luckly for them he was sleeping and not screaming. They were very good with him. Hopefully in five or so years they can babysit for us.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sam Rocks!

Hello everyone. Sorry about not writing for a long time. Sam has kept Charlotte and I busy. He is still inconsistent sleeping at night. One night he will sleep three to four hours at a time the next night he will not sleep more than twenty minutes. I am not complaining. He is great to have a round. Lately he has began reciprocating by smiling back at us periodically. He is looking more and more like me every day, poor kid. His eyes haven't finalized on color yet. When they do I will let you know. His hair is growing in like a mullet with long curls in the back and nearly nothing on the top. Buisness on top, all party in the back.

School is good. We are really getting into the meat of physical therapy school. It is nice to finally be learning the skills I will need for the rest of my career.